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Removable Labels, white - 96 x 50,8 mm

Product Number: L4744REV-25
Ever written a note for a colleague to then discover they can’t read your handwriting? Or perhaps you want to leave colleagues a temporary message such as a printer faulty or vending machine out of order. These Removable Labels are ideal for writing instr
  • The label sticks securely to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Removable without leaving any residue
  • Easy to adjust positioning several times on frequently used surfaces (such as files, electronic equipment, glass, metal and plastics)
  • Ideal for writing temporary notes or instructions, filing, price labelling, signage
  • Eco-friendly labels can be fully recycled as part of paper waste and are FSC certified made with paper from well-managed forests
Product Description:
  • 96 x 50,8 mm
  • Colour Laser, Inkjet, Laser
  • 250 Total Labels
  • For: General Use
  • eco-friendly
  • Colour: White
  • 25 Sheets per Pack
  • 10 Labels per Sheet
  • Removable
  • Rounded Corners
  • on A4 sheet
  • Paper

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