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Double-Sided Quick&Clean Business Cards

Design and Print Double-Sided Business Cards

You've included your name, company, and contact information on one side of your business card. But what if you want it to say more? With Avery® Double-Sided Quick&Clean™ Business Cards, you can add customised messaging to the back and add images or logos. What's on the back of your business card?

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Step 1: Start New Project

Instructions: Go to Avery Design & Print Online. Click on Start Now to get started on designing your own business card.

Step 2: Select Specific Product

Instructions: Find the right Avery Business Card for your task. Search your product by entering the product number or by selecting a category and product description. Click OK.

Step 3: Select a Design

Instructions: You'll find a variety of designs to choose from. Click on a design that best suits your business.
Select a Design

Step 4: Customise the Front

Instructions: First you will see the front of your cards, or Front of card. Click on the Zoom button to enlarge the view of the template. To replace the placeholder text with your information, click the text boxes inside the template and edit.
Front of the Card

Step 5: Format

Instructions: You can also change the font style, size and colour of your text by using the options in the Format Text box. You can also add a logo or your own graphic by clicking on the Images button. Browse for your image and click to add the graphic and re-size as necessary.

Step 6: Customise the Back

Instructions: Click on the Back of card button to customise the back of the card. Follow the same instructions to change and format the text on the back. When you're done with the front and back, click Next.
Back of the card

Step 7: Preview & Print

Instructions: Before you print, we recommend that you click Preview & Print first. When you're done, click Print Your Project. Use only Avery brand products for guaranteed results.

Step 8: Save

Instructions: After you print, click Next. You can save your design by clicking the Save Your Project button. Your project will be saved in the Avery Design & Print Online format. This allows you to open and edit the project in the future using Avery Design & Print Online.

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