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Are you risking your precious memories?

Did you know that DVD players operate at a higher temperature than CD players? If you use the wrong label for your DVD you could be risking all the precious memories stored on them! In a recent Avery survey 78% of CD/DVD labels users did not know there was a difference*.

Avery use their years of expertise in this area to produce a label specially developed for DVDs. This inkjet label C9780-15 has special perforations that allow it to expand and contract with the heat, which makes it ideally and suitable for DVD-use.
And with pre-designed or blank templates downloadable from the Avery website, giving your CDs and DVDs that personal and professional touch is easy.

All Avery CD and DVD labels benefit from our easy labelling technology - manufactured practical removable wings to help you centralise the design without touching the label.

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*source: Avery, September 2009

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