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Classroom Timesavers


Save time with fun, easy-to-use sticky products that help you organise your classroom.

Are you tired of printing, cutting and pasting your day away? Does the laminating machine leave you frazzled and frustrated?

Avery offers a wide range of sticky labels that can help you easily create durable displays, organise classroom supplies or print childproof posters without using a laminator.


Your time is valuable and Avery wants to help you make the most of it. An organised classroom is an efficient classroom and with our wide variety of Sticky Stuff for Schools we can help get you back to teaching.


Before developing Sticky Stuff for Schools we asked 3,100 teachers what we could do to help.  The top response was that you needed products to “help you become more efficient”, so that’s what we created!


How to save time with products in the Sticky Stuff to Schools range


Problem: Stripping back my classroom at the end of the year is a nightmare as I spend hours trying to peel off sticky residue
Solution: All the Sticky Stuff for School label products use clever Avery glue that sticks securely throughout the school year, but removes easily, cleanly and quickly when you need to change them, making them perfect for annually changing classrooms (Coat pegs, trays, folder labels etc.)
Problem: To create a resource I have to print the design, cut it out, laminate it, cut it out again and then glue it to the wall.
Solution: Avery labels are pre-glued and pre-cut and are available in various shapes and sizes and don’t need laminating.  Just simply print, peel and stick!
Problem: My TA and I spend an age waiting for the laminator to warm up and actually laminating all the various displays and notices we create for our classroom.
Solution: Avery have designed a range of products specifically for signs and displays 
which don’t need to be laminated!

  • Avery Durable Labels are weatherproof and tear proof and will stick permanently in bathrooms or outside.
  • Avery Pre-laminated sheets already have a laminated coating and an adhesive back.  No more printing, cutting, laminating and gluing – just print and stick!  What's even cleverer is that the laminated sheets can be used both on walls and windows - depending on which side of the print you want the laminate to be.  And because the sheets already have a repositionable, removable adhesive on them they adhere safely to the inside of windows, meaning no more unsightly sticky tac! Ideal for displays, signs, bathroom instructions and labelling boxes or books... anything you would usually laminate.
  • Avery Self-Cling sheets cleverly stick to surfaces without any kind of glue – so are safe to use anywhere.  Repositionable and reusable, they are easy to move from place to place. Perfect for temporary signs and delicate surfaces such as laptops and Smart Boards.
  • Avery Changeable Sign Pockets are perfect for quick protection.  No need to laminate or find sticky tac or glue - the hard wearing plastic pocket has a sticky back, then just slip your A4 sheets in and out when required. Ideal for weekly menus, rotas or messages for parents as information is instantly protected.
Problem: It takes time to hunt down the right images to put on my resources
Solution: Avery have partnered with primary resources experts Twinkl to host a collection of school relevant images that you can add to your signs, posters and labels for free!  You can see lots of the designs in our twinkl gallery.
Problem: Designing resources is time consuming
Solution: Avery has a free online tool that guides you through the design process.  Simply choose from our wide collection of pre designed templates and edit according to your needs.  It takes just minutes to create your own posters, notices, signs and labels using our templates and if you need a hand at any point – just contact our consumer centre who will help you on your way.
Problem: My classroom is a mess!
Solution: Use Avery Removable labels to identify drawers, desks, containers and classroom areas.  This way your pupils will know where things are supposed to go when they are finished with them, and your classroom will look organised and tidy.


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