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It's like delivering your parcels yourself with Avery Shipping Labels

When you are sending packages or documents you want to take extra care of them and ensure they arrive safely and securely. With this new range of shipping labels you can send your parcels exactly how you want to. I's like actually delivery them yourself!

Why not give these labels a try and take the worry out of shipping?

See the range of shipping labels below and how they will make your work easier.

Avery BlockOut™ Shipping Labels

Give your packages a really professional finish. The bright white BlockOut™ material covers writing underneath, perfect for when you are re-using old packaging.
  • Choose from a range of sizes for different types of packaging.
  • Printed addresses are easier to read than handwritten labels so your parcel is more likely to get there safely
  • Save money on packaging with these eco-friendly labels.

Pre-Printed Warning Labels

Pre-printed warnings for shipping items to achieve maximum impact.   
  • Make sure your valuable items get handled properly
  • 2 pre-prints available    
Avery Weatherproof Shipping Labels

Strong and durable polyester shipping labels for all weather conditions. They do not smudge so the address remains easy to read.
  • Water and dirt resistant, tear-proof, UV and temperature resistant.
  • These labels can be used on any packaging material including polythene envelopes.
  • Will help your parcels arrive as you want them to whatever the weather and delivery conditions.

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