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Imagine starting the new year well-organised!

For most people New Year's Eve is quite some time away. But why not use the next few months to better structure your desk, your inbox, your folders etc, so you can make a well-organised start to 2014?

Med With Avery's range of labels for marking, categorising and organising, it's easy and fast to get to grips with your binders, folders, in-trays etc. And all in a professional way.We would like to give you some suggestions about how to clear up over the coming months, one bite-sized piece at a time.

You could perhaps make a start by watching our video presentation, which shows you how easy it is to design and print attractive labels. You will also find templates and plenty of ready-made-designs in our FREE Design and Print online software.



You probably know that fantastic feeling when your desktop has just had "a makeover", the piles of paper have been sorted and the documents are all in ring-binders. The last little finishing detail would be to design and print labels for the spines of each ring-binder, which is sure to save you plenty of time in the future. Avery's ring-binder labels are also ideal when you want to re-use a binder. They are made of a BlockOutTMmaterial, which makes them opaque so that the text below the label is hidden completely. If you use wide ring binders, choose L4761-25. For narrow ring binders, choose L4760-25. Your elasticated folders can be marked using L7170-25.

Find more inspiration in by our video presentation!

If you want to ensure instant recognition and a quick overview, we recommend that you use clear colour markings when organising and archiving. If you want to permanently mark boxes, documents, plastic sleeves etc, we have a wide range of both large labels e.g. 3459 and smaller labels e.g. 3449, in different colours, to enable colour-coding. For temporary marking you could use our removable labels such as L6041-20. They stay stuck on, but are easy to remove without leaving glue residue.

See the complete range of coloured labels here!

Most people are familiar with a pile of nameless CDs and DVDs lying all over the place. Avery can help you organise these too - in an attractive and professional way. You can decide to either design your labels and print them onto your CDs/DVDs or you could write them by hand. You can use Avery's CD-marker pen, CDBK, to quickly write the contents onto the CD or DVD, right after you have burnt it. It uses ink that will not damage your data. Printable solutions include our Full Face CD-label (J8676-25) or the specially-developed DVD-label (C9780-25), ), which can be used under the extreme levels of heat generated by a DVD player – and and CD jewel case covers (C32250-25).

See the full printable range here!

Although much IT equipment is wireless thesedays, there is still no way around wires and power leads for iPhone, iPod and iPads etc. and you often end up with the wrong lead/charger. You can use Avery's wire labels to quickly organise your leads and fix the problem by putting a cable nametag on all chargers and other electronic units. The tags for cables are T-shaped and easy to apply after printing. These are available for inkjet print using item number J8950-10 and for laser print in two sizes, try for example item no. L7950-20.

Design and print using Avery Design & Print Online!

The fast way to do your organising and archiving need not be a solution that looks a mess, which it certainly won't be if you choose our label booklets for handwriting and write on them with an Avery permanent marker. Quality and durability are top rate! Permanent handwritten label booklets are the solution if you need a label right now that needs to be permanently attached. We offer a wide range of sizes and colours Removable Labels in booklets are a practical - by hand - solution for when you need a temporary label. These are well-suited to notes and messages in books and folders etc.

See the full range here!


Avery permanent markers are indispensable when you have to tidy up and archive things. It is both simple and easy to write on one box and then quickly move on to the next one. They are available in five thicknesses, in the colours black, red, blue and green and can write on pretty much any surface. 

  • No. 01 marker with a fine tip, for large and small boxes and notes
  • No. 02 and No. 03. both ideal for writing on the spines of ringbinders, periodical holders etc. They differ in that 02 has a round tip and 03 has a diagonal tip.
  • No. 04 marker with its large diagonal variable tip, for medium size boxes.
  • No. 05 marker with a large flat variable tip, for the really HUGE STORAGE BOXES!

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