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A lasting impression for your presentation
The next time you have a multimedia presentation and want to leave behind a hard copy for the participants, consider creating a customized CD instead. A CD can capture all the effects from your presentation such as sound and animation a hard copy document never could. When you leave them with your presentation CD, you'll be providing more than just a copy of your presentation. You'll leave them with an impression of you and your company that's interactive and memorable.

With the Avery CD range, your presentation CD can be as impressive as on the outside as the presentation itself. Our range consists of everything you need to create professional-looking CDs and jewel case inserts in just minutes. You can also our free easy-to-use Avery Design & Print Online Software with built-in Avery Templates to help you design and print all your materials. Avery CD Labels stick securely on your CDs, and won't lift, peel off or wrinkle.

Create a memorable CD presentation with these tips:

  • When you design your CD label, don't forget the basics. Include your company name and logo, the subject, date and location of the presentation to make the CD information easy to identify.

  • Make the most of electronic media. Include video clips, audio commentary, and links to your company web page and other key information, if applicable. Take advantage of how a CD can showcase your information better than a typical hard copy.

  • For a quick design solution, use the predesigned Avery Templates built into the Avery Design & Print Online Software. Just customize the text and print. For more creative options, start with a blank Avery Template, and choose from more than 2,000 high-quality photos, backgrounds and images, or import your own graphics.
Whether you're at a presentation meeting, tradeshow, or just networking, having a customized CD available to distribute can leave your audience with a favorable impression of you and your company.

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