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Great Ideas need the Right Finish!

As self-employed we all have a great wish to promote our products and company in a professional way – but also with a personal touch!

To take you an extra mil and support you, we have hereunder designed and collected some ideas for product labels, price tags, signs and so on for your shop and your wellness products, food stuff, shoes, accessories and much more. For you, who owns a consultant company we too made our proposal for business cards, brochures and compliments slips. Using our designs, you will save a lot of time, as they are easy to adjust to match your style and promote your brand! You will too save money, as you only print the amount, you need - no minimum order a printing company.

Below you can get some inspiration as we have done some pre-designs that can download with our free design software Avery DesignPro. After downloading you can easily customize the pre-designs to match your style and products. And best of all - it's free! When using our designs, please be attended to our tip on fonts below.

Wishing you lots of joy and great sell-out!

Merchandise your products in an eye-catching way!

and reach a high using a warm, welcoming and exclusive way to present your nice shoes, accessories or other nice trends. Here we have designed a product tag as branding using our product tags with strings C32300, and used our removable price label L7115REV as price label. The label for the shoe box is a glossy product labels J8109-10.

You will find more pre-designs to download in the zip.file below. All designs have been created in DesignPro, which you can download for free here. The fonts used are Orator Std, Fontazia Stiletto and Eurostile extended.

Download designs here (zip file)
Beauty comes from within...

...but why not label your own-produced soaps, lotions and other wellness products with some beauty labels - then the beauty also is visible on the outside! We have designed the label for the soap dispenser on an oval glossy product label J8102. We have used the same design for the hand soap round glossy product label J8105 , which we also gave a blend. This blend is designed on our removable product label L7108REV.
The fonts used is Festus. All designs are made in DesignPro, which you can download for free here.

Download designs here (zip file)
Simple, but delicious!

Why not apply a beauty own-design label onto your delicacies making them appearing even more delicious. We have designed the product label for our Fleur del Sel salt on a glossy oval product label J8102, – you get a really beauty glossy effect, when you use a glossy label. For the glass of jam we used our removable product label L7108REV and for the glass with mustard (L7107). Our textured Product Labels L7111 are too ideally for food, as they are waterproofed – and there perfect for vinegar, water bottles and so on
Psst! Since you print the labels yourself, you only print what you need—no minimum-order quantities. Here we also did all designs in Avery DesignPro.

Download designs here (zip file)
Promote your business professionally!

Here you will find a proposal for, how you can design your business card C32070 in order to give and leave a professional impression of you and your company. Same design we used for a compliment slip C32295  and a brochure C32290 . You can easily adjust the designs to your business and print exactly the amount, you need, when you need it!
The fonts used is Copperlight Gothic Light – and all designs are made in DesignPro, which you can download for free here.

Download designs here (zip file)
Do you know our bottle labels?

An great idea, where you can design and print your own label for the wine bottle MD4001, and promote your company this way around, if you like to give wine bottle at special occassions, like birthdays etc. You can too design and print a matching greeting card by using our A5-cards MD2001.

Download design software for free here.
Keep your warehouse neat and tidy!

With our magnetic signs, you can keep your warehouse shelves even more organised and safe time looking up goods. The magnetic signs are printed easily and can be used on any metallic board or shelf and you can removed them as you like.

Read more here!
Give directions!

Need signs urgently? Save your company time and money by making your own signs on your office PC. Then you can show warnings and directions in an easy way. You print on paper and laminate it with film when applying on a door, window, machine etc.

Read more about the signs here!
Avery Markers!

Avery Markers are permanent and write on all surfaces. We have always the right tip size for your need, whenever you need to mark a box, write a selling sign or write 'simple' price label.

Please Enjoy!
Tip about fonts!

If your PC does not have the fonts installed that we have used in our designs it will use another font when you open the designs. This might result in the designs looking strange. You can then either try to find another font yourself that looks OK or you can buy the correct fonts on websites like or

It's not very expensive and it's easy. We are not connected to these fonts shops in any way but it's were we buy new fonts ourself. Of course you can also find websites that offer free fonts.

offering free software,
samples and tips!