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Have a Spring Party with Avery!

Spring is a lovely time of the year, and too the season, where many throw a party and celebrate their wedding, birthday, christening of the their kids and so on. If you like to design and print your own invitations, place cards, menus, greetings card and make the day or present even more special, you can please grap our ideas hereunder and get inspired to how you get started.

All our designs can easily be downloaded, adjusted and printed with our free design software Avery Design & Print. All designs are of cause also for free. When using our designs, please be attended to our note below regarding fonts.

We wish you an enjoyable and fantastic party!

When love is the in air, it is for sure very romantic and beautiful, specially speaking about weddings and wedding parties. Are you also dreaming about a romantic wedding, then please be inspired here to design your own invitation and so on. Print the invitation on cardstock or photo paper for a glossy finish, and for the icing on the cake you can make matching address labels. You can too design lovely place cards using business cards or product tags and delicious menus and print on photo paper or cardstock.

Download the beautiful design for weddings below and edit the content with Avery Design & Print before printing on your own printer.

Download wedding design (zip file)

Wether its for the feminine teenage girl or the sporty teenager boy you can easily personalize the party by designing and printing the invitation, place cards, menu, ect. by your self. Download the designs on this page, edit the content with our free design software Avery Design & Print, and print it on your own printer. You can even design matching address labels using address labels and easily merge the adresses with  Avery Design & Print before printing. For the dinner party, you can use business cards or product tags as place cards, and print the menu on matt or glossy photo paper.

Download the design for either girl or boy below here and edit the content with Avery Design & Print before printing on your own printer.

Download design for girl confirmation (zip file)

Download design for boy confirmation (zip file)

The black 02 Marker from the Avery Marker assortment is essential, when you need to keep track of all the party details, writing your to-do list and ticking off, what's done already. It has a round tip and writes on most surfaces. It is too perfect for sketching the seating plan for the party on the bigger cardboard.

Read more about extensive Marker assortment from Avery here, Please Enjoy!

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